Innovation Conference

Tuesday 4th December 2018, 12.00 – 7.00 pm
Ville de Calais, Town Hall, Calais, France
Free of charge

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How will we be doing business in the future and what will work actually look like? 

This event will bring together companies from Kent, East & West Flanders, Hants-de-France and the South West of the Netherlands to hear from inspirational speakers form the four different countries.

We are also partnering with the CITC’s ‘IOT Week’ in Hauts-de-France to include a section on the potential for Internet of Things technology in business.


12.00 pm: Registration and Lunch Buffet
12.45 pm: Welcome
1.00   pm: Speaker: Roger Williams: ‘Customers of the future’
1.30   pm: Speaker: Adam Henderson: ‘Workforce of the future’
2.00   pm: Network opportunity
2.30   pm: Speaker: Corentin Duplouy: ‘IoT workplace of the future’
3.00   pm: Speaker: Gerrie Smits: ‘The need to innovate for the future’
3.40   pm: Network opportunity
4.15   pm: Keynote speaker: Daan van Leeuwen: ‘Doing Business in the future’
5.30   pm: Networking, Wine and Snacks
7.00   pm: Close

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Headline speakers

KEYNOTE: Daan Van Leeuwen – ‘Doing business in the Future’
In everything Dean does, he believes in challenging people to use the power of business to do remarkable things.
He believes that the most amazing innovations of the 21st century are yet to be invented. But a remarkable century will not just happen, we have to create it.
So, Dean is on a quest to challenge audiences to unlearn and relearn, mobilising them to forge innovative solutions for the new Age of Discovery.

Roger Williams – ‘Customers of the Future’
Roger has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of customer strategies that deliver tangible results.
He has worked with clients across a wide range of public and private sector organisations, and has led national and international research programmes.
Roger has a passion to help his clients deliver the best possible outcomes and solutions for their customers and has dedicated much of his career to helping businesses and economies to grow.

Adam Henderson – ‘Workforce of the Future’
Adam enables businesses to adapt to the needs of a Modern Workforce by helping them understand the mindset of a new generation of employees and use this to change their ways of working to be more successful.
This is needed as businesses all over the world are witnessing a growing disconnect between the ways they currently operate vs how their employees want and can work.
A large part is due to business leaders not understanding a new generation of employees growing in number within their business, but also the inability or fear to reflect the way the world *is* and not the way the world *was*.

Corentin Duploy – ‘IoT Workplace of the Future’
Corentin works for CITC which is a cluster dedicated to the Internet of objects, and a center of technology resources and expertises of non-contact technologies.
It tackles the new technological challenges around communicating objects, machine-to-machine and ambient Intelligence.
They are experts in NFC, LPWAN, EnOcean, RFID, BLE, LIFi, Zigbee, sensor networks, ultrasound technologies, vision, lasers (etc).

Gerrie Smits – ‘The Need to Innovate For the Future
People have called Gerrie enthusiastic, result-focused, creative and good at making people think differently.
He’s fascinated by the impact digital and technology has: on our products, our brands, communications, our organisations…
Throughout his 20-odd years of professional experience, he’s worked in industries that got seriously challenged by the internet… TV, publishing, music industry, marketing and the Government.

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